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If the Wind is Blowing Harshly, you Should Dress Accordingly and Adjust the Sails....

Welcome to Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel on Samosir Island, a little oasis in the heart of the world's largest crater lake. Our small boutique hotel has largely weathered the turbulent times of the global pandemic and brought challenges, yet we embraced them as opportunities for development. Inspired by my grandmother's teachings to symbolically dress for any weather, we adapted to the circumstances without seeking external or governmental assistance.

While Zoé remained in Switzerland to continue her education, I traveled as much as possible between Switzerland and North Sumatra to take care of the hotel, understanding that a hotel cannot be managed solely from a home office or through video calls. The pandemic unexpectedly allowed Zoé to seamlessly integrate into the Swiss education system, providing her with an excellent education. For her, the pandemic was a blessing, which was quite the opposite for us as a hotel!

A special mention goes to our new German hotel leader, Miss Melanie, as our staff calls her. With many years of leadership experience across various sectors in the United Arab Emirates, her expertise in intercultural communication and her flair for warm hospitality have enriched our hotel!

Additionally, Boiman Samosir returned to us. He has been a management member since our hotel's opening on July 1, 2017, but returned to his family of origin during the pandemic. Together, they will manage the hotel in a way that aligns with my visions and values.

A very important aspect for me since the opening of our hotel has been the three pillars of sustainability. Sustainability is more than just environmental protection; it involves a balanced approach encompassing ecological, social, and economic responsibility. Particularly in sustainable tourism, which we are dedicated to, this means designing travel experiences that minimize environmental impact, support local communities, and are economically viable. We are committed to ensuring our tourism offerings protect the natural environment, respect local cultures, and contribute to the region's economic development, all while safeguarding resources for future generations.

In my future articles, I will provide more insights into the day-to-day life of our hotel and highlight the uniqueness of Zoé’s Paradise Waterfront Hotel.

Look forward to exciting updates next year!

With warm regards and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Mama Zoé (currently in Switzerland, but in April you can meet me in person in Samosir Island)

Gäste feiern im Restaurant von Zoes Paradise Waterfront Hotel Weihnachten
Miss Melanie (the blonde woman) celebrating Christmas with guests

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