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Please keep in mind that as we are located on an island far from a major city, and our infrastructure may be different than what you are used to. Indonesia is developing quickly, but western standards may not be available everywhere.

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How to get to Samosir:

Airport - Parapat - Samosir

If you are planning to visit Samosir Island, the closest major airport is Medan (KNO), which has daily international flights from many locations. There is also a small regional airport, Silangit (DTB).

Private taxi services are available at both airports to take you to the ferry terminal in Parapat, a town on the mainland where boats leave every hour for Samosir.​ The travel time from KNO Airport is about 3 hours by highway, and from Silangit Airport it is about 2 hours.

From the ferry terminal in Parapat, boats depart for Samosir Island every hour.

Please note that the journey from the airport to the ferry terminal and from the ferry terminal to the island can take several hours, so it is important to plan your trip accordingly.

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Parapat Harbour to Zoé's Paradise

Go to the pier where the public passenger boat leaves to Samosir Island every hour. The boat drives you directly to our own hotel jetty.

When you pay the fee, please mention our hotel Zoé's Paradise, so the boater knows where to drop you off. The boat ride from Parapat to our hotel takes around 25 minutes. Our staff will welcome you at our hotel jetty!

Please make sure you are taking the boat to Tuktuk and not to the village of Tomok.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us via: +62 813 6297 6002 (Reception, phone + whats app)

Please note that most taxi drivers in North Sumatra do not speak English! We will help you organize a taxi driver/transportation. Don't hesitate to contact us in advance.

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