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As a guest in the middle of the largest volcanic lake in the world, where there is yodeling and, among other things, the rare Andaliman pepper grows...

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

(Translated from German to English with google)

Visiting the Bataks with their unique traditions and pointed hat houses. During a visit to a cafe in Kuala Lumpur (PODs), I overheard two German travelers discussing their trip to Lake Toba. As a fellow German, I was intrigued and joined them to learn more. Their stories of the unique Batak culture and its pointed hat houses captivated me, leading me to spontaneously change my plans and head to North Sumatra.

In Sumatra, I embarked on an adventure to Lake Toba, the world's largest volcanic lake. Despite a rough journey by public transport, my arrival at Samosir Island, in the middle of the lake, was breathtaking. The island's rich culture and stunning nature were like another world. I chose to stay at Zoe’s Paradise, a hidden gem on Lake Toba’s shore, with spectacular views and the most comfortable hotel bed ever.

The hospitality at Zoe's Paradise was unparalleled, and the staff's warmth and attention to detail made my stay special. The hotel offered exclusive tours with Andaliman Tours, where I explored waterfalls, traditional villages, and learned about the rare Andaliman pepper.

The highlight of my trip was the fusion of spectacular nature, warm hospitality and cultural enrichment. Zoe's Paradise, with its Swiss standards of cleanliness and delicious breakfast, impressed me with its commitment to sustainability. I enjoyed a free upgrade to a superior room for only Euro 40 per day, including a very tasty breakfast and many complimentary offers.

And the internet? Almost 100 Mbit, better than what I have in Germany! The excellent WiFi on this remote island was a pleasant surprise.

In summary, my trip to Lake Toba and stay at Zoe's Paradise was unforgettable, a memory I'll always cherish and a place I hope to return to one day

With best regards from the Black Forest: Sven, the one with the beard and not Steve 😉 (Maybe I'll come with my sister Karin and Kevin in 2024. (Who knows, maybe my friend Steve will come with us too).

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