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our values: sustainable tourism


Sustainable tourism

Our company logo is integrated in a spiral. There is a way in and a way out. Spirals are symbols for cycles, development, renewal, reflection and much more!

The spiral has an important meaning for us, because on the one hand we want to look back by integrating authentic cultural assets into our lives and on the other hand we want to develop further and open ourselves to a newer, more modern world, because everything is changing.

Batak Gorga.png

We want to partially preserve old traditions without closing ourselves off to the modern world and we promote sustainable tourism that touches the visitors with heart energy! 

We at Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel want to make the Batak cultural heritage accessible to our guests in a respectful way. 

We are against (mass) tourism who come to the island and only leave garbage instead of the impression of real encounters. Disrespectful tourism is the beginning of the end. Sustainable tourism, on the other hand, is future-oriented and creates a win-win situation. 

For us, tolerance towards people of different origins and religions is very important and all religious communities and ethnic groups are welcome in our hotel, provided they also respect our Christian values ​​and the local Batak culture, because Samosir is a Christian and animistic island! A peaceful coexistence with a good feeling! Our goal is to leave positive and formative impressions in every respect.

Every time guests say goodbye to us and thank us for the great service, we are very happy and we know that we have done everything right! So if both parties are happy when they say goodbye, then it feels right and appreciative.

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