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Our Values: Sustainable Tourism

We at Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel want to make the Batak cultural heritage accessible to our guests in a respectful way. And seeing the light in our guests' eyes upon their return to the hotel after an enriching Andaliman Genuine day trip fills us with deep joy and pride to be part of such a rich culture and we Batak are right to show that pride!

We strongly oppose (mass) tourism that arrives on our island only to leave behind a trail of litter instead of genuine connections. Disrespectful tourism marks the beginning of a detrimental path. Conversely, sustainable tourism is forward-thinking and fosters a mutually beneficial outcome.

At our core, we place great importance on tolerance towards individuals of diverse backgrounds and faiths. We warmly welcome all religious communities and ethnic groups to our hotel, on the condition that they also respect our Christian values and the local Batak culture, as Samosir Island encompasses both Christian and animistic traditions. We strive for a harmonious coexistence that imbues a sense of tranquility. 

When guests bid farewell, expressing that their stay with us will forever remain ingrained in their memories, we know that we have accomplished our meaningful mission and that our work holds true significance.

being and becoming ...

Our corporate logo embodies a spiral design that symbolizes both an inward and outward path. Spirals have profound meanings and represent cycles, growth, renewal, introspection and more.

The spiral is of great importance to us as it reflects our desire to honor and integrate authentic cultural treasures into our lives while embracing progress and a modern world in constant flux.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an example of sustainable tourism, radiating positive energy and giving heart energy to our visitors. We strive to cultivate a harmonious balance of give and take to ensure that our efforts today not only benefit our guests, but also leave a lasting impact for generations to come.
Through our commitment to sustainability, we strive to create a legacy that promotes the well-being of our local communities and preserves cultural heritage.

Our Mission

At our core, we are driven by a mission to provide our guests with an extraordinary and immersive experience while protecting and preserving our priceless natural and cultural heritage.

We are wholeheartedly committed to sustainable principles in all facets of our operations and strive to minimize our environmental impact and actively contribute to the prosperity of local economies and communities.

Our goal is to inspire a sense of inspiration, to demonstrate the importance of responsible and ethical tourism, and to convey a determined commitment to leaving a positive and lasting impact on generations to come.

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