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Discover Zoé's Paradise: Your Perfect Summer Destination at Lake Toba and House of Encounters

Ready forSamosir Island?

Cool down this summer at Zoé's Paradise: Your ideal getaway on Samosir Island

Cool Haven for the Hot Australian Summer

Our long-term stay offer provides you the opportunity to spend one to six months in the idyllic surroundings of Samosir, nestled in the largest volcanic lake in the world!


Here, you can enjoy a cool climate and the warm hospitality at Zoé's Paradise, the House of Encounters. Together with us and the Batak people, the indigenous community of our island, you can experience a relaxing and enriching time, far away from the heat and everyday stress.

Imagine waking up every morning in one of our comfortable Superior Rooms with a magnificent view of Lake Toba and the surrounding mountains. Spend your days immersed in a fascinating culture as rich and inviting as the lush green landscape. It’s a true paradise on earth!

Our offer includes much more than just a pleasant living situation with Western 3-star comfort. You also have the chance to enjoy tailor-made experiences such as cultural excursions, culinary discoveries, and personalized relaxation programs. Whether you want to dive into the local culture or simply enjoy the peace, it’s entirely up to you. Our goal is to make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable!


This 'House of Encounters' is more than just a place to be; it’s a community where you can meet like-minded individuals and take a restful break from daily life. Here, you’ll find inspiration and make new friendships in a warm and open atmosphere.


Let yourself be enchanted by the unique surroundings and immerse yourself in a world of togetherness and creativity. Experience a completely new culture and enjoy the benefits of a small, unhurried island with abundant natural beauty!

What Awaits You at Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel:

The most important point:
You're completely free from household chores you usually do at home! 


Comfortable Room with a Stunning View: Enjoy one of our Superior Rooms with spectacular views of Lake Toba and the surrounding mountains.

Hearty Breakfast: Start each day with a delicious breakfast and kick off your day with renewed energy.

Free Drinking Water, Tea, or Coffee: Stay hydrated with our complimentary drinking water, tea, and coffee available anytime.

High-Speed WiFi at 100 Mbps: Stay connected with our high-speed WiFi! With speeds of 100 Mbps, you can work, entertain yourself, or stay in touch with loved ones effortlessly. WiFi access is included in the price.

Laundry Service: Take advantage of our laundry service for a fee, or do your laundry yourself in our facility.

Free Use of Our Canoe: Explore Lake Toba by taking advantage of our free canoe use and feel the wind on your face as you paddle.

Visa Extension Assistance: We assist you with your visa extension for a small fee right here on-site.

The price per day is only AUD 44.90 per person 😯 based on double occupancy, including a hearty breakfast 😋

Why You Should Visit Our Volcanic Island:

Our island, as large as Ibiza or Singapore, offers plenty of opportunities for discovery and adventure. Samosir, located in the world’s largest volcanic lake in North Sumatra, is part of the UNESCO Global Geopark. Experience the rich culture of the indigenous Toba-Batak people, who have both Christian and animistic influences. Enjoy the pristine nature and breathtaking landscapes of our volcanic island.

We believe that Samosir is one of the safest places in Indonesia, ideal for a worry-free stay. Experience the tranquility and serenity of an island far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Let the unhurried lifestyle inspire you and find inner peace and balance. The combination of culture, nature, safety, and relaxation makes Samosir an unforgettable destination.


We are convinced that Samosir Island is probably the safest holiday destination in Indonesia, and here’s why:

😊 Pleasant climate, as we are over 900 meters above sea level

😊 No risk of malaria

😊 No yellow fever

😊 No volcanic eruptions

😊 No crime

😊 Very safe for women

😊 And much more

In addition to all these great benefits, you have the opportunity to get to know our staff and, if you wish, support them by sharing your knowledge and experience. Most of our employees have had little contact with Western travelers before.


What are you waiting for? 💖

A long-term stay with us not only means relaxation and tranquility in a stunning setting but also a kind of "life education." Immerse yourself in local life, learn about the fascinating culture of the Toba-Batak, and gather enriching experiences that will leave a lasting impact on your life.

Whether you want to actively participate or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, you'll find the perfect balance here. Discover new perspectives and return home with a treasure trove of memories and experiences that will accompany you on your life journey.

For more information:

Book via WhatsApp with the note: LONGSTAY
Whats App Number:
+62 813 6002 5400

✨Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Contact us to learn more about Zoé's Paradise summer oasis at Lake Toba.

Secure your spot and make the upcoming summer an adventure you'll never forget!

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