Horas is the traditional greeting of the Batak Toba, Simalungun and Mandailing people and the best known word in the Batak languages. In addition to being a greeting, it can also be used to express 'good health' and 'goodbye'

The team of Zoé's Paradise

The owner Family

HORAS to Zoé’s Paradise Waterfront Hotel!


Zoé’s Paradise Waterfront Hotel is run by an Indonesian-Swiss Family, blending traditional culture with modern life. Constructed in 2017, the hotel features tastefully-decorated rooms with fine furniture and a memorable lake view looking out to a beautiful garden and heart-shaped natural swimming pool.

Marlen, Peris and daughter Zoé welcome you with pride to their hotel and ensure that our staff is dedicated to the needs of their guests!

Marlen Hämmerli Samosir is Swiss and the Investor of the hotel. She came the first time to Batakland in 2006 and in 2015 she definitely emigrated to Sumatra. In 2017, Marlen Hämmerli was adopted into the clan Samosir according to Batak Adat tradition.

Peris Mikael Siallagan is a Toba Batak from Tuk Tuk and also the owner of Andaliman Tours, Samosir Island. He is a licensed tour guide for Samosir Island and loves to show the original and authentic life of the Batak people.

The daughter, Zoé Deborah Hämmerli Siallagan, feels in the hotel as in paradise and their parents named the hotel: Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel.


Zoé’s Paradise Waterfront Hotel
Jalan Lingkar, Tuktuk, Samosir Island 22395
Phone, whats app and line number :+62 812 6315 2955

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