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pleasure travel-stay

Bleisure travel-stay

Experience a different work-life balance than at home and combine work with sustainable travel experiences.

Special offer:

Combine your work with conscious time off and at the same time experience with us the extraordinary culture of the indigenous Batak people on Samosir Island.
A Bleisure travel stay can be highly inspiring and convey many new insights.

What are the advantages of bleisure trips?
We have now made the experience that digital work works well in our hotel. Digitally working professionals told us that they not only appreciated the coziness and comfort, but were also much more productive and creative thanks to the “different” environment. A stay with us had a really positive effect on the quality of your work!

So come to us in Batakland, because Samosir is a very safe travel destination full of originality and warm hospitality. Enjoy your stay and your free time with us and experience a slightly different work-life balance than at home in your home country.

Fast internet, good infrastructure and comfort 

Throughout the hotel complex you can use fast Wifi for free and if you get hot while working, jump or slide into our pool to refresh...

Many travelers and especially Digital Nomads love our hotel after being in the rainforest!

Our experience shows that digitally working travelers appreciate the advantages and comfort of our small hotel and feel safe and homey with us. The protected work area in our restaurant with a large wooden table and socket are very much appreciated!

Don't hesitate to contact us!

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