Welcome to our boutique hotel right on Lake Toba. We are very happy that you are our guest!

Samosir Island is the jewel of Lake Toba and the countryside is breathtaking, comprised of steep slopes of greenery that meet the clear blue waters of the lake. There are amazing views in every direction, from the mist in the morning to the amazing sunsets that conclude the day. Samosir Island offers you a wonderful getaway from the heat and frantic pace of most local cities. Our island is a real paradise on earth! 


Please understand that we are here on an island that is far from a big city and that you experience your stay differently than in a city with state-of-the-art infrastructure. That means things here in Batakland can be different than you are used to. Sumatra has not an infrastructure like the industrialized nations. Indonesia is developping fast, but a western standard is not for granted everywhere. 


Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel is an Indonesian hotel with traditional batak flair and Swiss influence and we offer the best possible comfort on Samosir Island. We currently accommodate guests from all over the world and we are driven to make our guests feel comfortable. Sometimes guests find it difficult to accept that things are different in Sumatra and clocks run slower than in their own country. The needs of the guests from so many continents and cultures are very different, but we do our best to fullfill the wishes of all our guests.

We would like to inform you that we have an traditional wet bathroom with western toilet and rain shower. The floor is completely flooded after the shower. This is part of Indonesian culture and normal in many Indonesian areas. We understand that this type of bathroom is not very usual for most of you, but we hope that you can enjoy this traditional type of bathroom.


Please note that our island is traditionally Christian. If you have another religion, we ask you to respect our Batak culture. Although Indonesia is home to the most Muslims in the world, Islam is not the state religion in Indonesia. We ask for tolerance. All religions and cultures are welcome in our hotel!


Please also note that we don't have a lift. Experts advised us not to install an elevator in our hotel, because the nearest service point is in Medan, 5 hours drive one way from our hotel. The safety of our guests is our top priority. Our hotel is only suitable for guests who can climb a few stairs and our staff will help to carry your luggage. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Stream your own films: In our hotel it is possible to stream your own films, music and much more on the TV.  You can connect your mobile phone or tablet to the TV and watch your own content, which offers you a lot of advantages! We don't have a television program because the television authority on our island doesn't offer a hotel solution. A satellite solution is also not possible because of our windy lake location. That's why we chose modern wifi-direct-technology.


Don't hesitate to speak to our manager named Boy Samosir if something is wrong or if you have any special requests or questions. We wish that you leave us with a good feeling.


Enjoy your time with us at the Waterfront Hotel and leave as a friend!


The hosts and the team of Zoé's Paradise

Zoé’s Paradise Waterfront Hotel
Jalan Lingkar, Tuktuk, Samosir Island 22395,
North Sumatra, Indonesia


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Phone, whats app / line:   +62 812 6315 2955


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