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Dear Visitor,


Welcome to Samosir Island, the heart of Lake Toba!
u will love the picturesque scenery with its steep slopes covered in lush greenery meeting the crystal clear blue waters of the lake!
Breathtaking views await you in all directions, from the misty morning hours to the sunsets that end each day.

Our island is a true paradise with primal power. A place of authenticity with a wonderful natural landscape - The perfect getaway from the heat and busy life of most cities and offers visitors the chance to breathe in the fresh mountain air. We love this island in all its facets!

Feel the energy of HORAS when you step onto our island! "Horas" is the traditional greeting of the Batak people, and today's locals are warm, friendly and welcoming to tourists. The Batak people lead a leisurely life, and we encourage you to do the same, as these very qualities make for relaxing days in Batakland.

If you are planning to visit Samosir island, we invite you to stay with us in Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel. It is the perfect place for those who appreciate a cozy atmosphere and a breathtaking view over the lake and the mountain range. Consider it an insider tip for anyone looking for genuine hospitality, even if it means climbing a few flights of stairs.

If you're seeking a peaceful and tranquil vacation, we kindly recommend considering a visit during the low season.

Enjoy every moment in Batakland and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever!

With warm regards,

The hosts and team at Zoé's Paradise

a true paradise on earth!

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