Dear visitor,

Very welcome to Samosir Island, the jewel of Lake Toba! 

The countryside of Samosir is breathtaking, comprised of steep slopes of greenery that meet the clear blue waters of the lake. There are amazing views in every direction, from the mist in the morning to the amazing sunsets that conclude the day.


Our island offers a wonderful getaway from the heat and frantic pace of most local cities and gives the visitors an opportunity to breathe fresh mountain air! We love Samosir Island with all its facets. It is an island full of originality with a wonderful natural landscape, a real paradise on earth with primal power. Samosir is our jewel in Batakland!

Feel also the power of HORAS, when you enter our island! 'Horas' is the traditional greeting of the Batak people and the modern-day locals are warm, friendly and very welcoming to tourists. The Batak people usually don’t have a hectic life and therefore much is leisurely. We advise you to do the same, because it is exactly these Batak qualities that make it possible for you to have relaxed days in Batakland. 

If you want to visit Samosir Island, stay in our hotel, because Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel is a perfect place for those who appreciate a cozy atmosphere, a fantastic view over the lake and mountain range. An insider tip for everyone who is looking for nice hospitality and can climb a few stairs.

Zoé' s Paradise is a unique hotel where heart energy flows. Check in and feel it yourself.
You are very welcome!

In high season, our place is usually very busy. This means that it can be sometimes noisy, hectic and busy in Tuk-Tuk during this time. So if you need a quiet time-out, we invite you to spend wonderful days with us in the low season. 

Enjoy your time in Samosir Island and and experience unforgettable moments,

the hosts and the team of Zoé's Paradise

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a true paradise on earth!