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Our success depends on a motivated crew that is ready to work with heart energy. We hope you will feel this too!

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Hello, I'm Zoé, the owners daughter 

My story about my life in Sumatra

Our story

We are a Swiss-Bataknese family hotel, wich opened in July 2017.

Building our hotel on the slope was hard work. There were also various problems with the architect and the construction team, but we were able to solve them.

The fact that a new hotel is being built in Tuktuk did not suit all guesthouse owners at that time, but they could not stop us because we had a legal building license...... It was a very intense and stressful time, but it was also very educational for us!

Most of the hoteliers realized after the opening that our boutique hotel is not a competition but a market niche that enriches the guest spectrum!

My mom said: "Zoé, do you want to do a presentation about us for our hotel homepage?" I thought about it and said, "why not, but let's do it as a team work!" That's how this post was born.....


Our hotel was named after me, because in Batakland it is common for a business to be named after the first child.

We are often asked how we came to Sumatra and have a hotel there....By plaine, of course ... but that's obvious! No, kidding aside.....

In fact this would be a long story, but I made a very short one for you.! 

If you would like to know more about me or us, please watch my short video presentation. Thank you very much!

You are probably wondering why I am not writing about Peris....... well, he says he doesn't want to make his story known in the Internet, but he like to tell his story to everyone who would like to hear from him personally. During a leisurely visit to Samosir Island, in the village of Tuktuk, with the Toba Batak people......

What we are? 

Let's imagine that all accommodations are fruits ... From this point of view we are a small fruit in a large fruit basket with many, many other fruits! A good situation for a traveler, because our wonderfully rustic island has a accommodation offer for every visitor and every budget: From homestays to large resorts ..... everything is represented here! Isn't that wonderful?!

Some people prefer a watermelon, others maybe a passion fruit, and still others love a mango, pineapple, mongoose, durian, or maybe citrus fruit. It really has the right accommodation for everyone!

With our boutique hotel, we wanted to bring a new kind of accommodation in the town: A local boutique hotel with Swiss management for a resonable price. And we built it: The first boutique hotel at Samosir Island!

And I'll tell you something: I love our little fruit!

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The team of Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel

owner Zoes Paradise Waterfront Hotel

Mama Zoé
Investor, owner (hak pakai)

Marlen Hämmerli br. Samosir is Swiss and sole investor of Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel. Together with Peris Mikael Siallagan, she built this unique hotel with a lot of passion. 

Diplomas / training: Swiss Federal Business Administration graduate (Swiss Society for Nutrition), management diploma (business administration), management diploma (human resources), diploma as a therapist and various certificates (alternative therapies), and last is not least: training in hotelindustry, tourism philosophy 

Owner, hak milik

Peris Mikael Siallagan worked 12 months in Amsterdam for Marriott and Hilton Hotel to get experiences in the hotelindustry. Now he is the owner of Andaliman Tours, Samosir Island. He really loves to show the original and authentic life of the Batak people to our guests. 
If he's not on tour, you might be able to see him working in the garden.

Image by Simone Secci

Management Team

Responsible that everything runs smoothly.


Front Office
University degree in tourism

Sabatini welcomes our guests and takes care of all the work that needs to be done in a front office. In addition, she assists the investor.