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Sustainable hotel, what does it mean? Many people think when they hear the word "sustainability" that the topic is about environmental protection, but sustainability includes three areas: ecology, economy and social issues

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Resource conservation:
We try to do our best.
Every day!

As a sustainable hotel, we try to create a balance between the wishes and needs of our guests, the locals and the environmental impact. For us, careful handling of all areas is central. Likewise culture and ethics.

Another point is that our hotel was built in such a way that its architecture is modern, but takes into account the culture of the region and is therefore not foreign to culture.

Conscious energy, water and environmental management is a central issue for us, as is social responsibility as a company!

Everyone who has visited us before has had the experience that these are not just empty words for us. As a Swiss-Bataknesian family company, far away from a developed city, we do our best, what is possible for us.

It takes courage to seriously take on environmental pollution. We do this and deliberately do not use air conditioning in the rooms, as ACs are really polluting! In no case do we want to contribute to our hotel operations being unnecessarily polluted!
Anyone who propagates sustainability and environmental protection on the one hand and uses environmentally harmful devices such as AC at the same time is "hypocritical". Environmentally conscious guests visiting Samosir usually don't have a problem with having a stand ventilator in their room instead of air conditioning, because the climate here on Samosir Island is very pleasant and it only gets around 30 degrees on a few days a year. So, in our opinion, quite bearable with a stand fan.

We keep getting often compliments about our sustainable work and also about our healthy nutrition program. This requires conviction to offer almost slow food dishes (also in a vegetarian version) and to consciously forego a large selection and fast food! If you really want a Western menu, we will of course cook a corresponding menu for you, but we clearly promote our local dishes, as we are a Bataknesian hotel.

Guests feels that our employees are important to us because our crew is mostly at work with heartfelt energy! But it wasn't always like this: We opened our boutique hotel in 2017. At the beginning we employ staff with a hotel management school and we quickly realized that this was a wrong decision because the professionals felt better than the others and bullied them. Therefore we decided after a short time to consciously hire unskilled employees without any hotel experience from the surrounding villages and to train them from scratch. Marlen Hämmerli and the management team invested a lot of time in training our employees. The staff were also able to benefit from various experts from Switzerland and Germany.

Our receptionist from the neighboring village is the only one with a university degree in tourism.

Special is, that all our employees receive the same salary, (except for the manager, who has more responsibility). There are no better or worse jobs with us. All are very important! The employees quickly realized that in our hotel every position is of central importance and that it is therefore fair that everyone gets the same salary.


We are an extraordinary hotel on Samosir: Authentic, social, ethical and committed. Everything we do is done out of deep conviction. Without Government aid, grants, special allowances or anything else. We can rightly be proud of that!

Come by and see for yourself!