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We care about sustainability

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Resource conservation:

Creating a balance between the wishes and needs of our guests, the locals and the environmental impact. 


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Sustainable hotel, what does it mean? Many people think when they hear the word "sustainability" that the topic is about environmental protection, but sustainability includes three areas: ecology, economy and social issues. 

As a sustainable hotel, we try to create a balance between the wishes and needs of our guests, the locals and the environmental impact. Likewise culture and ethics.

Another point is that our hotel was built in such a way that its architecture is modern, but takes into account the culture of the region and is therefore not foreign to culture. Conscious energy, water and environmental management is a central issue for us, as is social responsibility as a company!

We try to do our best. Every day!

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It takes courage to take environmental issues seriously in Indonesia. We do this and deliberately don't use air conditioning, as these are really very harmful to the environment! Environmentally conscious guests usually haven't problem with it, especially the climate here on Samosir Island is pleasant. Only a few days a year does it get a bit muggy. The CHSE audit showed that our hotel is well ventilated and, for the sake of the environment, it makes sense to use more environmentally friendly stand fans in the rooms instead of air conditioning. Thank you for your understanding.

We keep getting compliments for our sustainable responsibility and also for our healthy nutrition program. It takes real conviction to consciously offer slow food dishes (including vegetarian options) and to avoid fast food. We promote our local dishes as we are a Bataknesian hotel, but we also cook tasty western dishes on request!


Guests feels that our employees are important to us because our crew is mostly at work with heartfelt energy! After the long Corona crisis, we were able to hire additional employees. 

We train our staff individually according to our needs. Also international consultants support us in staff trainings.

Our employees complement each other perfectly. Our work is characterized by the willingness to help, the common values and goals as well as the identification of each individual team member.

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