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Embracing Heritage and Sustainability: The Story Behind Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel's New Uniforms

Updated: May 9

Maybe you've already noticed: We've been wearing a new uniform since Christmas and New Year. Mama Zoé has a deep affection for many elements of Batak culture and so it was inevitable that sooner or later we would receive a uniform designed specifically for our hotel that reflected this rich heritage.

When you enter the tranquil atmosphere of Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel, you will not only be greeted with a smile; Rather, our guests are welcomed with a piece of cultural heritage. The vibrant patterns and bold colors of our new uniforms reflect a heritage that Mama Zoé has always valued.

The new uniforms are a testament to this vision, combining the traditional with the contemporary and the local with the exclusive.

Under the guidance of mom Zoé, we wanted to create something unique - an ensemble that would not only stand out, but also tell the story of our roots. It is an expression of our identity, a way to honor the past while looking to the future and a tribute to the cultural richness that our guests can experience first hand.

A hotel uniform is much more than just work attire for the staff; it carries a multitude of symbolic and practical meanings and plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry.

Welcome to a world where elegance meets locality and tradition merges with modernity. We proudly present our new uniform! This is not just clothing, but a statement, a story, and a testament to the appreciation of local craftsmanship.

With the launch of our new uniforms, we continue this tradition. The centerpiece of our uniform, aside from the genuine smile of our receptionist, is the belt—a piece of local craftsmanship. We had the belt specially designed and then handed over to a local tailor to sew according to our design. Each belt is unique, capturing the rich history and cultural heritage of our region.

Sustainability and Style Go Hand in Hand

At Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel, we believe that true beauty and functionality are rooted in a sustainable approach. Our uniforms are made from already blessed Ulos meaning the fabric is not brand new but has been used in a ritual and thereby blessed.

Mama Zoé loves such Ulos and insisted that these belts be tailor-made for us from blessed Ulos ! Pure sustainability, one might say.

Our representation team wears the uniform with pride, promoting a sense of togetherness.This creates a perfect balance between individual radiance and collective identity.

Designed for the Highest Demands

The new uniforms of Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel are not just workwear, but an element of the overall experience. Our guests recognize in them the high standard that our hotel represents: excellent service, outstanding attention to detail and an unforgettable ambiance. During Christmas/New Year, we had guests from Taiwan who were very impressed with our uniforms and immediately recognized their high quality.

An Ode to Local Culture

Our choice of uniforms reflects our commitment to supporting and celebrating local culture. The tailor-made belt is a symbol of the craftsmanship and talent of local artisans, a tradition that we honor and want to bring closer to our guests. These belts are not just a piece of clothing; they are canvases that tell the stories of the Batak, an indigenous ethnic group of the region. The vibrant red and orange tones of the belt reflect the warmth and joie de vivre that our guests can experience at Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel.

A Symbol of Sustainability and Responsibility

In a world increasingly striving for sustainability, our uniforms are a commitment to this ideal, as we not only talk about sustainable tourism but also promote it with everything we can! These handcrafted uniforms, tailored from blessed Ulos, reflect our commitment and the heart energy associated with it and with every detail of our uniforms, we promise our guests an unforgettable experience.

We believe that the spirit of a place is not only in its surroundings but also in the interaction with the people who bring it to life. Our staff are the ambassadors of this spirit, dressed in a functional uniform with traditional elements that exude respect, pride, and belonging.

We invite you to visit Zoés Paradise Waterfront Hotel, where you can experience not only warm hospitality but also a piece of local culture and devotion.


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