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We are a Swiss-Bataknese family and run a unique boutique hotel on Samosir island. The hotel was named after Zoé, our daughter, because in Batakland is common for a family business to be named after the first child.


Zoé Deborah has been going to school in Switzerland since August 2019. She is 13 years old (2022). Mama Zoé br Samosir is currently in Switzerland with her daughter, but is in daily contact with the management team.

Our team


After the long Corona crisis, we were able to hire additional employees. Half of our employees have attended university.


We train our staff individually according to our needs. 


Our work is characterized by the willingness to help, the common values and goals as well as the identification of each individual team member and our crew is mostly at work with heartfelt energy! Our employees complement each other perfectly.

The majority of the staff including the management team live in our hotel and they feel at home here. 

Our goal is to offer quality services, where the natural, social and cultural aspects are of great importance. We aim to raise awareness of sustainable tourism and make Batak's cultural heritage accessible to our guests in a respectful way.

We are always very happy when our guests say goodbye with a smile on their face and say: "It was nice staying with you, we'll be back."

We are an extraordinary hotel on Samosir: Authentic, social, ethical and committed. Everything we do is done out of deep conviction. Without Government aid, grants, special allowances or anything else. We can rightly be proud of that!

Come by and see for yourself!

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