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Owner Family & Team

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We are a Swiss-Bataknese family and run a unique boutique hotel on Samosir island. The hotel was named after Zoé, our daughter, because in Batakland is common for a family business to be named after the first child.


Zoé Deborah has been going to school in Switzerland since August 2019. Mama Zoé br Samosir is currently in Switzerland with her daughter, but is in daily contact with the management team.

Our Team

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After the long Corona crisis, we were able to hire additional employees. In Indonesia the average age is 29 years with a population of approximately 275 million people. It is therefore understandable that the majority of our employees are very young.

Most of our staff have never had direct contact with Western visitors and learn step by step what the needs of foreign guests are. Our former employees returned to their families during the Corona Pandemic and then went on cruise boats or in big cities because they were well educated.

We ask for your understanding for this situation, because it is very difficult to find experienced staff, away from a big city and without shopping opportunities or special leisure activities for a young age group.

We recognize that some travelers have forgotten that many services still need time in Indonesia to recover from the effects of the Corona pandemic and that not everything will be as normal as it was before. 

We also ask you to contact our management if anything is not going to your satisfaction.


Thank you very much!

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