homemade, because we enjoy cooking!

We use our own island resources and for this reason our menu is not large,
but fresh & homemade and subject to seasonal availability.

If you like a vegetarian meal or other dishes, please feel free to contact the restaurant team. 

Thank you!

Appetizers / Side dishes 


homemade Indonesian springroll; chicken or vegetables
IDR 30'000

Gado Gado

Indonesian (warm) salad with boilded, blanched or steamed vegetables and a hard-boildet egg, fried tofu or tempeh, served with a peanut sauce
IDR 30'000

Tomato soup

homemade soup with sun-ripened tomatoes from Batakland
IDR  25'000


1 serving
IDR  25'000

Salad of the day

mixed, green, just tomatoes with onions or carrot? Share your wishes with us. Enjoy a fresh salad, based on the market offer
IDR 25'000

Plain Rice

from Samosir Island.
1 serving

IDR  25'000

Main Dishes 

Sumatrian & Indonesian dishes

Mie Goreng

Fried Sumatrian pasta in soy sauce with vegetables and meat or vegetarian preparing
IDR 30'000

Lake Toba fish

This carp has a mild aroma and even those who don't like to eat fish like it! Don't miss to try it!
It is served with rice or fries
and salad.
IDR. 65'000

Sweet & Sour

This dish usually consists of seasonal vegetables, meat slices and pineapple cubes in a sweet and sour sauce served with rice.
Meat: chicken or fish or wild pork.
The vegetarian version contains more vegetables.
IDR: 50'000

Nasi Goreng

Fried Sumatrian rice in soy sauce with vegetables and meat or vegetarian preparing
IDR 30'000

Sumatrian Gulai

Spicy Sumatrian curry dish with many spices, served with rice 
Please note: This specialty has a completely different taste than an Indian or Thai curry dish
IDR 50'000

Indonesian Saté

Saté is a Southeast Asian dish made from seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat served with a peanut sauce and rice.
 Meat: Chicken or wild pork
IDR 50'000


Spicy Sumatrian meat stew with patatoes and many local spieces. Cooked in coconut sauce.
Meat: chicken, beef or wild pork,
with rice
IDR 65'000


Babi Hutan Kecap

wild pork on sweet, dark soy sauce with vegetable, served with Samosir rice
IDR 50'000

Lake Toba Lobster

totally fresh,
please order in advance
Price depend on market situation

Western dishes

Cervelat Swiss Style

The Swiss national sausage "Cervelat" is a specialty. Ours is made from beef and Swiss visitors often say that this sausage is in no way inferior to the original!
1 Sausage, served with bread
or Fries
IDR: 55'000


Crispy Schnitzel, Swiss style, chicken or wild pork, sered with 
 with fries and salad garnish
IDR 65'000

Family Pizza

please order our family pizza in advance (4-6 persons)
IDR 145'000

Gordon Bleu Roll

Gordon Bleu Mozzarella Roll
with fries and salad garnish

IDR 85'000

(Hot) Sandwich

Choose a hot or cold sandwich.
IDR 35'000


homemade burger with fries and salad garnish
IDR 55'000


we cook the pasta in different styles. Carbonara, Tomatoe etc.
Please ask our staff.
IDR 38'000


Vegetarian Dishes 

Gado Gado

Indonesian (warm) salad with boilded, blanched or steamed vegetables and a hard-boildet egg, fried tofu or tempeh, served with a peanut sauce and rice
IDR 38'000

Tempeh Gulai

Spicy Sumatrian curry dish with vegetables and tempeh. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian soy product, that is made from fermented soybeans
IDR 45'000

Fried Rice

Fried Sumerian rice in soy sauce with vegetables and an egg on top
IDR 30'000

Mie Gomak Tofu

Mie Gomak is a Bataknese thick spicy noodle dish served in a coconut milk and andaliman-based broth, specialty of Toba Batak region of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Please note: These pasta are made from tapioca and taste very different from Italian spaghetti!
IDR 38'000

Tempeh Kecap

Vegetarian dish with sweet soy sauce. There are different variants. Our dish also includes some seasonal vegetables, served with rice
IDR 45'000

Tofu Saté

fried tofu on skewers, served with peanut sauce and rice
IDR 45'000

If you would like to have more vegetarian dishes,
please let us know in advance.
Thank you!

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