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Would you like to work where others are on vacation?

For our international 3-star boutique hotel in Samosir Island we are looking for a

LEADER «Hotel Manager»

(female or male, Indonesian citizen),

5 days a week, more in seasons

We are a cozy and fine 3-star Swiss-Indonesian family owned boutique hotel with 17 rooms in Lake Toba and are looking for an executive in the position of Senior Manager. In this role, you set the pace for “our hotel orchestra”, which knows how the music should sound but needs a “conductor". As the manager, you ensure that the piece of music has the right sound and that no discordance creeps in. So it's about setting the right beat and making sure that the individual employees use their "musical instrument" correctly.... so that in the end a harmonious melody sounds that everyone enjoys!


Of course, this is a task that you don't need to do alone. Our Front Office Manager will help you with the implementation. She's your assistant.
As leader of our hotel you need various skills to be successful. Strong communication skills and the ability to strike the right note are essential. Honesty, common sense, a sense of order and control and a healthy state of mind are essential.


"WE CAN DO IT" is your basic attitude and you can inspire employees to try something new. Our Swiss hotel owner often says: "BE A CREATOR, NOT AN IMITATOR". So we need a Leader who is open to new ideas and able to develop and implement ideas.

If you want to run a hotel successfully, you not only need a high level of specialist knowledge, but also noticeable enthusiasm and a natural leadership talent that is exemplary for the team. In other words, someone who actively tackles things himself and can motivate the team.

Our employees are very important to us and a mutual, pleasant interaction with each other is common.

It will be easy for an experienced manager to run our small hotel.

Goal of the position: Ensure profitable business processes and guest satisfaction. 

The tasks include: The tasks include: Overall hotel management with all departments including guest relations, accounting, marketing, development/introduction of new projects and hotel maintenance.

Your skills: If you are a warm host and team player with commitment, have pleasant manners and assertiveness, like to take responsibility and support your employees in a pleasant way, but also want to support yourself and your team and continuously develop, then you have come to the right place!


- Ability to think coherently and embrace change.

- The courage not to cover up mistakes made, but to disclose them and learn from them, because where work is done, mistakes can creep in or wrong decisions can be made.

- Experienced with a Western mindset and sense of order

- Natural leadership skills and able to motivate others.

- Very good knowledge of spoken and written English and computer skills

- Experience in business administration and hotel management, marketing, social Media etc. and sustainability

- high quality awareness, as our hotel is run according to the Swiss model

Educational background: hotel management or business administration

Age: From 29 - 42

We offer: A versatile management position with varied work, a pleasant working atmosphere and a slower pace of life on our island without the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Monthly salary with profit sharing and 3 meals per day.

The job of our hotel leader is very varied and not boring. Perfect for someone with all-round-skills.

Superior: Marlen Hämmerli, owner (currently in Switzerland)

Are you interested?

then please get in touch digitally at

We are very pleased!

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