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Sustainability is also an opportunity and not just a challenge and we try to do what we can.

Image by Clay Banks
Image by Clay Banks

Social: It is extremely important to us to operate in a socially sustainable manner and to place the human factor at the center of our work.

We support the locals so that they can earn their own income. That is why we buy everything that is possible for us on our island. This is more expensive, but it benefits the local traders, farmers and workers, which is very important to us.

Our investor advises local people free of charge on health matters, nutritional issues, income improvement, education and many other topics.

Before corona pandemic, she financially supported a project that allowed a group of high school students to travel to Malaysia to experience for themselves what life and the economy are like abroad. 

We consciously promote ethical, sustainable tourism. At Zoé's Paradise Waterfront Hotel, we want to make the Batak heritage accessible to our guests in a respectful way.

We promote equality between men and women and pay the same salaries for both genders.


Energy consumption: 
LED and energy-saving devices

Electrical installation: 
German quality standard

Swiss quality standard

Energy / electricity: It takes courage to take environmental issues seriously in Indonesia. We do this and deliberately don't use air conditioning, as these are really very harmful to the environment!

The CHSE audit showed that our hotel is well ventilated and, for the sake of the environment, it makes sense to use more environmentally friendly stand fans in the rooms instead of air conditioning. 

We were the first hotel on Samosir that spared no expense to have a professional electrical installation installed according to German standards and very energy-saving Philips lighting, wich was a novelty in Batakland in 2016. Nobody had this environmentally friendly technology before because it was expensive here in Batakland. This was a role model, because some entrepreneurs came to inspect our electrical installation. They never saw this quality before. 

We have also done without free refrigerators from beverage manufacturers, as they consume a lot of electricity and we consciously bought energy-saving devices. The Beverage rep was surprised that we didn't want a free refrigerator, as we think it uses too much electricity to keep things cool.

Since there are often power fluctuations in Indonesia, we had professional stabilizers installed. In the event of a power failure, we are also supported by a corresponding generator.

Our WiFi was installed in 2017 by an IT specialist from Switzerland and no hotel on Samosir Island had such high quality WiFi technology as we did.

The solar power offers in Indonesia have not yet convinced our energy advisor and us. We are waiting until there are better options.


Cleanliness: Our investor and a specialist from Switzerland trained us in 2018 on how we can produce environmentally friendly cleaning agents ourselves. Also for the laundry!
We are happy that we were able to inspire others to do the same!

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Zusammenfassung Wasser

Water management: We are very proud of our environmentally friendly water management. Also our special SWIMMING POOL is kept hygienic without dangerous or nasty chemicals. We also use copper technology for our pool water, which has a natural antibacterial and algicidal effect. Our pool water is unpolluted, so it can be drained off without harming the environment! 

After a heavy rain, because the rain is acid, we need an aid, which is naturally reduce quickly. Even babies can dabble in our pool without problem!


Drinking water: All our guests have the opportunity to refill their drinking water bottles for free.


Garbage and plastic: Our hotel is trying to avoid plastic and garbage as much as possible, which is a real challenge here in Indonesia. We still haven't found a cost-saving alternative to plastic bags for our trash cans, etc. and we hope that we can do without it soon. We find it very unsanitary to have the trash cans without a sack, even if they are cleaned every day.

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Regional purchase: We use our own island resources in everything that is possible and focus on quality rather than quantity.
We deliberately have a small menu selection in our Lakeview Restaurant with local and saisonal menus. They are freshly cooked.

We follow the WHO guidelines as well as the Swiss Society for Nutrition and consciously promote local menus, but also cook western dishes on request.

Orang Pflanze

Garden: Although we only have a small garden, there is some garden waste that we compost.


We always strive to improve our sustainability for the benefit of our environment and our descendants. We don't talk about it often, we just do it, because we really love 💖 SAMOSIR ISLAND!