Environmental protection is not yet for granted in Indonesia. For us it is!

Sustainability is also an opportunity and not just a challenge and we try to do what we can.


Cleanliness: Our investor and a specialist from Switzerland trained us in 2018 on how we can produce environmentally friendly cleaning agents ourselves. Also for the laundry!
We are happy that we were able to inspire others to do the same!

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Reinigungsmittel selber machen2.png

Energy consumption: We rely on LED and energy-saving devices. In addition, we consciously refrain from AC devices in the rooms, as these pollute the environment to a great extent! As a hotel in Indonesia, it takes courage to consciously forego air conditioning, but the environment is a serious concern for us!

Zusammenfassung Wasser

Water management: We are very proud of our environmentally friendly water management. Also our special SWIMMING POOL is kept hygienic without dangerous or nasty chemicals. After a heavy rain, because the rain is acid, we need an aid, which is naturally reduce very quickly. Even babies can dabble in our pool without problem!


Drinking water: All our guests have the opportunity to refill their drinking water bottles for free.


Garbage and plastic: Our hotel is trying to avoid plastic and garbage as much as possible, which is a real challenge here in Indonesia. We still haven't found a cost-saving alternative to plastic bags for our trash cans, etc. and we hope that we can do without it soon. We find it very unsanitary to have the trash cans without a sack, even if they are cleaned every day.

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Regional purchase: We use our own island resources in everything that is possible and focus on quality rather than quantity.
We deliberately have a small menu selection in our Lakeview Restaurant with local and saisonal menus. They are freshly cooked.

We follow the WHO guidelines as well as the Swiss Society for Nutrition and consciously promote local menus, but also cook western dishes on request.

Orang Pflanze

Garden: Although we only have a small garden, there is some garden waste that we compost.


We always strive to improve our sustainability for the benefit of our environment and our descendants. We don't talk about it often, we just do it, because we really love 💖 SAMOSIR ISLAND!