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Horas is the traditional greeting of the Batak Toba, Simalungun and Mandailing people and the best known word in Batakland. 

In addition to being a greeting, it can also be used to express 'good health', 'goodbye', 'good morning' and 'welcome' etc.

The Batak People are divided into six ethnic groups whose original settlement area is on Samosir, the island in Lake Toba. The largest group are the Toba Batak, which settle around the southern half of Lake Toba and on Samosir. South follow the Angkola, which can be combined with the Mandailing further south to the border of West Sumatra. The Karo live north of the lake in the highlands of Kabanjahe and Berastagi. In the east of Lake Toba live the Simalungun around Pematang Siantar. The Pakpak, also called Dairi, settle in the northwest and west of the lake around Sidikalang.

The people on Samosir Island are part of a tribe called “Batak Toba” or “Batak”. They are found all over Sumatra with the highest concentration on Samosir Island.

The Batak people are known for their wood carvings, sculpture and the famous sloped-roof homes built in the traditional Batak style. Along with these arts are cultural demonstrations, performances and festivities often held for tourists.

The modern-day Batak people are warm, friendly and very welcoming to tourists. An experience on Samosir island will acquaint you with their way of life, often laid-back and slow-paced.

The Batak people live in the present moment, appreciating the little things in life. This gives visitors an opportunity to relax and have a holiday for the mind, body & soul.


Samosir: Heart of Lake Toba!


Samosir Island is located in the world's largest crater lake, Lake Toba. 640 square kilometres (247 sq mi), making it the fifth largest lake island in the world. Located within Samosir are two smaller lakes, Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang.

At the first glance, Lake Toba may look like a regular lake, but it is actually located in the crater of a huge super volcano called “Toba” that exploded approximately 75'000 years ago. Some people are convinced that this lake has very special powers, and many guests feel very refreshed, vigorous and vital after swimming in the lake.

The countryside is breathtaking, comprised of steep slopes of greenery that meet the clear blue waters of the lake. There are amazing views in every direction, from the mist in the morning to the amazing sunsets that conclude the day.

The weather on Samosir Island is moderately warm with cool nights. It offers a wonderful getaway from the heat and frantic pace of most local cities. There is no need for air conditioning and offers the guests an opportunity to breathe fresh mountain air!

Samosir is a popular tourist destination due to its exotic history and the vistas it offers. The island is the centre of the Batak culture and most of the tourist accommodations are concentrated in the small town of Tuktuk.

We love Samosir Island with all its facets. It is an island full of originality with a wonderful natural landscape.

A real paradise on earth!

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